Computer Science & Engineering

Books & Journals

  • No.of text books available in the department :2442
  • No.of Titles:2289
  • No.of Volumes : 4241

    National Journals06***06
    International Journals 0530>35

Titles of Journals Subscribed

National Journals

Sl.NoName of the JournalFrequencyAnnual SubsPublication
1Jrl. Of the Institutions of Engineers Bimonthly Rs. 80/-IE, Calcutta
2Express ComputerWeekly Rs.467/-Ind. Express, Bombay
3IT MagazineMonthlyRs.400/-EFY, Delhi
4Linux for YOUMonthlyRs.350/-EFY, Delhi
5Chip Magazine/Digit MagazineMonthlyRs.900/-Chip, Mumbai
6Data QuestMonthlyRs.467/-Cyber Media Delhi

International Journals

Sl.NoName of the JournalFrequencyAnnual subs
1C/C++ Users JournalMonthlyRs. 3315/-
2Dr. Dobbs Journal MonthlyRs. 3570/-
3Network Magazine MonthlyRs. 8160/-
4Microsoft Systems JournalMonthlyRs. 3570/-
5 Systems AdministrationMonthlyRs. 3825/-

International Journals (Online)