Bapatla Engineering Collge

Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneuralship (CIIE)

Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneuralship (CIIE) is constituted with the following members:

  1. Dr.Ch.Lakshmi Srinivas, Prof, ME Chief mentor
  2. Mr M.Suneel, A.P, ECE, Mentor
  3. Mr. S.Ganapati Prasad, A.P, CE, Coordinator
  4. Mr. K.Seshagiri Rao, A.P, ME, Coordinator
  5. Mr. M.V.N.Chakravarthy, A.P,EIE, Coordinator
  6. Mr. P.Chandra Sekhar, A.P, IT, Coordinator
  7. Mr. P.Nanda Kishore, A.P, CSE, Coordinator
  8. Mr. K.Rajendra, A.P, EEE, Coordinator

Five batches (Students from fourth year & third year) have participated in Mad about Ideas campaign conducted by AP Innovation Society at Vijayawada on 23 November, 2016. They have exhibited their skills at the event.

Ten batches (Students from fourth year & third year IT/ECE/CSE) have participated in Smart India Hackathon-2017 conducted by MHRD, GOI.

Mr P Raghuram selected for AP Innovation series boot camp at XLR8, Tirupati from 15/09/2017 to 17/09/2017.

The following students of our institute have qualified for participation in Grand finale of Smart India Hackathon (SIH-2018) and subsequently they have exhibited their talent at the event on 30-03-2018 and 31-03-2018.

Nodal Centre: Techno India NJR Institute of Technology, Udaipur
i4cID: 18379
Team: UniqueBEC
Problem Category: Ministry of Railways

  1. Ramisetty Srikanth 2nd year IT-B
  2. Thokala Srinivasulu 2nd Year IT-B
  3. Vallepu Srikanth 2nd Year IT-B
  4. Karpurapu Krishna Manohar 3rd Year CSE-B
  5. Chokkakula Harsha Vardhan 3rd Year CSE-A
  6. B.Venu Madhav 3rd Year CSE-A


Following is the "Mobile App" developed by the CSE students under CIIE:

BEC- Mobile App