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Books Constitute Capital

     Acclaimed as the one of the biggest Libraries with 22,000 sq. ft. area in the State, The Central Library of BEC has been playing a vital role as Information Centre catering to the Academic and learning needs of the faculty and Students alike since inception. The facility is serving the student fraternity ranging from under graduate to Masters and ultimately aiding the Research stratum of Bapatla Engineering College.

     As a jewel in the crown of BEC, The Library aims at providing premium quality learning resources in the form of Books, Journals, E-Journals and CDs pertinent to Curricula of diverse Engineering and Technology and of general nature to the students and Teaching Staff. The Library also supports Departmental Libraries for acquisition and maintenance of Titles throughout the academic year.

     As the veritable abode of Knowledge, the library of BEC houses 28,709 titles, 74,245 Volumes, 523 International Online Journals (IEEE, ASCE, ASME & Science Direct) and 120 print journals . The following subscriptions can be used from any desktop or laptop with in the campus.

S. No.

Name of the e-Journals package
(Online journals package)

No. of e-journals accessible



IEEE-ASPP: All Society Periodicals on Computer Engineering + Computer Science + Electrical & Electronics Engineering + Telecommunications & related disciplines

(back files access from 2010)


ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers): Mechanical Engineering Journals  

(back files access from 2000)


ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers): Civil Engineering Journals

(back files access from 2000)


Science Direct e Journals: (Engineering, ComputerScience, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical &  Civil Engg.) 

(back files access from 2000)


DELNET Digital Library

e journals & e books (Click DELNET discovery portal) 

Note:- IP address based access is provided for all e journals in our college campus. Hence, all the above e journals are directly accessible in our College campus and no user name & password is required. In case of any difficulty in accessing the above e resources, please contact the - Librarian / HOD Concerned.

     One of its kinds, BEC Central Library is fully automated with SOUL 2.0 Software; updated with latest version in 2010 and Bar-coding system facilitating easy access to students and well maintenance of library for they say “As the biggest library if it is in disorder is not as useful as a small but well-arranged one.”

      The library offers special services to the Students of SC & ST categories by providing singular Book Banks enriched with 20,634 volumes related to 3,955 Titles. A Book Bank specially earmarked with the funds of TEQIP is provided with 1896 volumes consisting 323 Titles also supplements the needs of SC & ST Students. Through these Book Banks each SC or ST student can borrow 12 books and a BC student can borrow 2 books.

     The library added a feather to its cap by having a wing of Digital Library featuring online connectivity with DELNET, New Delhi and providing Internet facility to students with the infrastructure of 28 Computers with DVD and CD Writers.

     To take the learning experience of students to next level BEC Library has added Video Library to its armour of facilities. The video library is furnished with 34” Colour T.V and DVD Player supported by a stack of 3,045 CDs. The thrust area of video library is providing NPTEL video lecturers to learners and Teaching Community effectively.

     Library is providing reprographic facility to students to disseminate material quickly and cost effectively aiding better learning on campus. The photo copying is provided at 50 np per copy with latest reprographic machine.