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About SAC

  • SAC is a formal committee of students formed at Bapatla Engineering college with a motto ‘NO CHILD WORKING, EVERY CHILD IN SCHOOL & LEARNING WELL’ established by N.Venu Gopala Rao on 3rd march 2008.

  • It was officially registered as an social welfare organization 0n june 3rd 2011(regd no:171 0f 2011 at narsaropet).


  • Educational Classes, providing libraries and conducting science exhibitions.
  • Residential Shelter Homes for children in vulnerable situations.
  • Rescue and survey operations for freeing working children.
  • Working closely with government on advocating the needs of vulnerable children (working children)
  • Creating Awareness among the citizens in villages about the importance of education.
  • Donating blood to the people in need.


Events Organized

Date Program /Event Place
15/8/2008 Independence Day: Trunk boxes donated to children by CSE dept fo BEC(Chakradhar, Nazeer Sir and other faculty members were attended Pitlavaripalem Pratham hostel
Feb 2008 We spent our “YUVAM’08” stall  money about 3000Rs. For providing towels and study material Nagaram R.B.C Hostel
23/9/2008 We paid S.S.C examination fees for 16 students in Bethapudi and Muthyyapalem villages  


Village Awareness:
We conduct an awareness program in Muthayapalem near by Bapatla.
With pratham members we conduct a motivation program in Bethapudi village near by Vedullapalli.
We conducted an awareness program in Driverscolony, Bapatla.
Motivation program   at Devunimanyam near by Bapatla.
Motivation program  at Suryalanka  
Respective Villages
  We Were Inspired By  M.E.O of Bapatla for organizing a Survey programs in villages around Bapatla Muthaipalem,
  We Provided footwares to vulnerable children at pitlavaripalem and gavinivaripalem Respective villages
  Sivarama Krishna was awarded 3rd prize all over Guntur district in the talent test conducted by VIVEKANANDA school at CHERUKUPALLY Bapatla
  Some of the private schools in Bapatla have come forward to make our children join in their schools having impressed by their talents Bapatla
  We were able to conduct “BLOOD TESTING CAMP” in our college and help people in need of blood.During this camp 600 students of our college have come forward to donate their blood when in need BEC,Bapatla
  The money collected for the event was spent in providing the requirements(new clothes,stationaries,buckets etc…) to our children in hostel. Pratham Hostel, Bapatla
  With the help of the database we were able to save life of 52 people in danger.  
  We were appreciated by the villagers in the nearby villages when we advertised the blood donation. Muthaipalem, Devinuthala
  We were succesfull in arranging a PARENT MEETING in M.P.PALEM on educating them on the importance of EDUCATION TO CHILDREN. Mariproluvari Palem
We conducted meeting for students of different colleges for sharing our views with them and to help them start this program in their respective colleges on the motto of SERVICE
To this meeting students from about 16 colleges participated.
Students from CBIT Hyderabad,KLU vaddeswaram also attended the meeting
we are proud to announce that out of 16 colleges which have attended the meeting some of the college have started their sevice to people nearby
This was a Campaign conducted by our volunteers in Guntur on the occasion of TEACHER’S DAY.
The aim of the camp mainly concentrated in identifying the school drop outs and vulnerable children in and around Guntur
we were supported by Pratham and other social Welfare organizations
  We the volunteers of SAC have come forward to help the people affected in floods due to LAILA cyclone affect.
We helped them financially and were able to provide clothes to some of the people,which were collected in our college.
  We also helped our college student of CIVIL dept who met with a tragic accident  
Our organization have started the village program with only one village
This effort has made us to adopt around four villages now,namely…..
We recently adopted “Cheruvu Jammulapalem”as our fifth village and started our trials to develop the village in best possible manner

14/Nov/2011 – Prize Distribution
SAC has conducted a talent test to the students studying in Govenment schools in & around Bapatla
This was conducted to improve the standards of the children studying in villages. It was aimed to train the child for the competitive world ahead.
Winners of the talent test were encouraged by awarding them with medals in the function conducted  by SAC on the occasion of CHILDREN’s DAY, to which our Principal Mr. T.Srinivasu was honoured as our chief guest.
26/Jan/2012 REPUBLIC DAY:
On the occasion of republic day we the students of SAC conducted games to the children in all the villages and gave away the prizes to the winners and gave them inspiration on the sacrifice of our great National Leaders
1, 2 Feb 2012  BLOOD DATA BASE CAMP:
We the students of sac conducted a blood data base camp in our college for making the blood data book of the donors
For the awareness in the villagers we the students of sac conducted an village awareness program in villages consists of knowing the blood group and science exhibition
28thMarch Medical camp organized by SAC & NSS, Bapatla Engineering College
Dr.M.Se.Sarath Kumar and Dr.Vydhehi rendered their services by treating 170 people. Medicines are freely supplied by SAC.
15-8-2012         On the eve of 65th independence day we celebrated with our staff coordinator Chakradhar sir and conducted several events and distributed prizes among them. BAPATLA.
06-10-2012          Our volunteers participated in medical camp conducted by GBR              foundation.More than 1200 patients got treated by doctors. VEDULLAPALLI
22-10-2012 Medical camp had been conducted in our hostel by DR.INAJAKUMRI                madam with the help of GILLALAMUDI AMMA TRUST and created  awareness on their health. Sac hostel
13-11-2012          We celebrated DIWALI in our hostel and distributed crackers in our hostel. Sac hostel
14-11-2012         On the eve of children’s day,we conducted games and events in our hostel and distributed prizes for the winners.      Sac hostel
21-11-2012       Our volunteers attended NAI TALIM camp which was started by Gandhiji to change education system and we share our views on present education. GUJARAT
26-01-2013       On the eve of 63 republic day,we celebrated in our hostel with Chakradar sir and haribabu sir .We conducted several events   and distributed prizes among them.           Sac hostel
16-02-2013           A golden day in  SAC.As a token of recognition , we got 20 cents land from  GUILD OF SERVICE and foundation stone is laid in our land. Saradhapurcolony, Bapatla.
16-04-2013            We successfully completed the first phase of our dream hostel. Saradhapuri colony, Bapatla.
05-03-2013         Our volunteers participated in medical camp conducted by GBR  foundation.More than 1500 patients got treated by doctors. VEDULLAPALLI
24-06-2013        We got a stall in beach fest in Suryalanka and we explained our works to visitors and many of them showed interest to work   with us. SURYALANKA
07-07-2013        Our volunteers participated in medical camp conducted by GBR foundation.More than 1500 patients got treated by doctors.         VEDULLAPALLI
21-07-2012      Mr.Srinivasa Rao garu donated 2 cents of land for vegetation purpose. V.L.puram, Bapatla.
04-08-2013       Our volunteers participated in medical camp conducted by GBR foundation.More than 1200 patients got treated by doctors. Ravi gardens, VEDULLAPALLI.
15-08-2013     On the eve of 65th independence day,we celebrated in our hostel and we conducted events and distributed prizes.                                                                Sac hostel
01-09-2013         We volunteeredthe  medical camp conducted by GBR foundation  and more than 1200 members  got treatment by the doctors. RAVI GARDENS, VEDULAPALLI
04-11-2013         We celebrated DIWALI celebrations in SAC hostel with children and distributed sweets and crackers. SAC HOSTEL
14-11-2013         On the EVE of CHILDREN’S DAY we conducted games and Several events for children in the sac hostel and distributed prizes by Sri.RAM GOPAL SIR    SAC HOSTEL 
21, 27,             30-11-2013                   Volunteers conducted village programs in some villages to create awareness among villagers about education and conducted motivational classes for school children.
08-12-2013         Our volunteers participated in medical camp conducted by GBR foundation and more than 1700 members got treatment by the doctors.  RAVI GARDENS,
09-12-2013         It is one of the most auspicious day because our hostel student named RAM got placed as a web designer in NUCLEUS GROUP.INC in HYDERABAD. WORKING IN HYDERABAD
11,12-12-2013   Collected blood data for  nearly 700 students from BE First year’s, B.Tech, polytechnic and M.Sc. students Bapatla engineering college, Bapatla.
21-12-2013        our volunteers conducted village programs and conducted classes for primary  classes. MUTHAIPALEM,
M.P. Palem,
01-01-2014      Our volunteers celebrated NEW YEAR CELEBRATIONS in our sac hostel with sac children. SAC HOSTEL
05-01-2014       Our founder VENU GOPAL has attended the CTLF meeting SRI LAKSHMI NARAYANA(EX Joint director of CBI). Smt.USHARANI State Project director (Right to Education) and also in the presence of some of the eminent personalities. The CLTF has promised they will guide our organization. Hyderabad
12-01-2014         Our volunteers supported the medical camp conducted by Dr. Inaja Kumari madam in the coordination of JILLALAMUDI AMMA TRUST and created health awareness among the people. More than 200 Patients had attended the medical camp. MUTHAIPALEM
26-01-2014        On the occasion of 64th REPUBLIC DAY conducted many games and competitions to primary school children in villages, after hoisting the flag in the schools distributed prizes and sweets to the children and explain the importance of plants and done plantation.                                 MUTHAIPALEM,
02-02-2014         We volunteered the health camp by distributing the medicine for 1300 patients held by G.B.R Foundations.                                                    RAVI GARDENS ,
09-02-2014         We got a golden opportunity  to share our views with different social organizations in India and we got 3rd place in the event named UMANG in NITRUSTAV in NIT ROURKELA     NIT ROORKELA,
10-02-2014 On the occasion of 150th birthday of SWAMI VIVEKANANDA. SAC is addressed by the delegate personality, Sridhar sir (IAS) about YOUTH, SERVICE, NATION BUILDING and we explained our works in the presence of RamGopal Sir. Ramakrishna Seva
22,23-02 2014      We represented the camp held in Vizag , NAI TALIM conducted by Satyendra sir with the help of Bagavathulu Charitable Trust. Vishakapatnam.
28-02-2014           On the eve of Science day we held the SCIENCE EXHIBITION along with  Students of Bapatla Public School.                                                         Bapatla  PublicSchool,Bapatla.
14,15-03-2014       In our college fest,BECTAGON.We got a stall and explained about SAC works and interacted with students and faculty members. BEC, BAPATLA.
06-04-2014          We volunteered themedical camp conducted by GBR foundation and more than 1400 members got treatment by the doctors. RAVI GARDENS ,
01-06-2014         Many of the sac volunteers had involved in the health camp that was held by G.B.R Foundation, Dr. Komali madam treated the patients. RAVI GARDENS,
5-6-2014               Patients who attended the camp. Nearly 1500 patients got medicines.
In order to know the importance of our environment we held the awareness program among the people by making sand arts on WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY.
08-06-2014        On occasion of OCEAN DAY we along with FORUM FOR BETTER BAPATLA   decided to make the Suryalanka Beach a Non-Plastic Zone. And we               decided to this work frequently. SURYALNKABEACH.


By displaying flexi boards and cleaning the beach we successfully Started our mission under the guidelines of SaiBabu sir, Ram Gopal sir and Police department to make the Suryalanka Beach free from plastic. SURYALANKA BEACH.
31-07-2014 We planted nearly 20 plants in different streets of vijayalakshmipuram with the help of Rama Krishna Sevasamithi. Vijayalakshmipuram, Bapatla
03-08-2014 Our volunteers participated in the medical camp conducted by GBR foundation and nearly 2000 patients were treated in the camp. Ravi Gardens
03-08-2014 By displaying flexi boards and cleaning the beach we successfully Started our mission under the guidelines of SaiBabu sir, Ram Gopal sir and Police department to make the Suryalanka Beach free from plastic. SURYALANKA BEACH.