Department of Mathematics

Books & Journals

College Library :

(a) Books:

Number of Titles: 1299

Number of volumes: 4446

Cost of the Books: Rs. 6,79,914

(b) Journals:


1) Mathematics Magazine: (MAA)

2) American Mathematical Monthly: -do-

3) The College Mathematics Journal: -do-

(c) National:

(1) Bulletin of Calcutta Mathematical Society

(2) Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics

(3) Proceedings of Mathematical Science

Department Library

The department is recognized as one of the potential departments in 2002 by the National Board of Higher of Mathematics and as a part of it the department has been receiving quality books in mathematics which are very useful for students and staff for their higher learning and in their research.

Under this scheme the department so far received 264 books and they are for circulation in the department library.