Department of Chemistry


Dr. V.Madhavarao

Associate Professor & Head of the Department

Dr. V.MadhavaraoQualification:: Ph.D.
Teaching Experience:: 20 years

Teaching Staff

Sl.No Name of the Faculty Designation Quatilification Teaching Experience(years) email
1 Dr. V.Madhavarao Associate Prof. M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry), M.Phil, Ph.D 21y
2 Dr. K. Prasadarao Sr. Assistant Prof. M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry), Ph.D 18y(Teaching)
3 Dr. J.Venkateswara Rao Associate. Prof. M.Sc.(Organic Chemistry), M.Phil,Ph.D 31y --
4 Dr. Ch.Subramanyam Asst. Prof. M.Sc.(Organic Chemistry), M.Phil,Ph.D 11.3y
5 Sri A.Gopal Asst. Prof. M.Sc.(Organic Chemistry), M.Phil, (Ph.D) 12y
6 Dr.V.Syamala Asst. Prof. M.Sc.(Radio Chemistry), Ph.D 6y
7 Dr.N.Srinivasa Rao Asst. Prof. M.Sc.(Organic Chemistry),Ph.D 5y(Teaching)
8 Sri.S.Mohan Asst. Prof. M.Sc.(Organic Chemistry), M.phil, (Ph.D) 9y
9 Ms.V.Krishna Veni Asst. Prof. M.Sc.(Organic Chemistry), M.phil, (Ph.D) 7y
10 Ms.P.Priyadarsini Asst. Prof. M.Sc.(Organic Chemistry), M.phil, (Ph.D) 7y
11 Ms.Noorbasha Yamunabi Asst. Prof. M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry) 4y
12 Ms.T. Gangasri Asst. Prof. M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry) 1y
13 Mr.K. Sudheer kumar Asst. Prof. M.Sc. (Analytical Chemistry) 4y(Teaching)
14 Dr.Krishna Murthy Potla Asst. Prof. M.Sc.(Analytical Chemistry),Ph.D 4m(Teaching)
15 Smt. K. Venkata Ramana Asst. Prof. M.Sc.(Organic Chemistry) 3y -
16 Ms. Sk. Najeena Asst. Prof. M.Sc.(Organic Chemistry) 4m -

Supporting Staff

Sl.No Name of the Staff Designation Quatilification Teaching Experience(yrs) email
1 Mr. K. Ankamma Chowdary Junior Assistant B. Sc 29y
2 Mr. N. Subba Rao Lab Technician B. Sc 30y -
3 Mr. P. Lakshmikanth Record Assistant B. Tech 1y