R & D
P.S.V.VachasatiMutual Authentication using Visual CryptographyCSEUGC2015-170.6000000240
P. Surendra KumarInvestigation the role of meta materials in micro strip antennaECEUGC20172.2999999522
Dr Ch. N. Satish KumarEffect of Admixtures on Rheological Properties and Mechanical Properties of ConcreteCIVILHarithra Engineering and Constructions Pvt Ltd20216000001
Dr. T. Chandrasekhar Rao Design and Development of Binary Blended Prestressed Geopolymor Concrete Sleepers for Static and Impact LoadingCIVILPatil Rail Infrastructure Railway Ltd.20211500001
Dr.Ch.Naga Satish KumarFracture parameters of SFRCCIVILAICTE -RPS201321800005