Sl. No.Dept.Faculty NameJournal NamePaper TitleVol. details & DateAcad. Year
1CIVILDr. Ch. N. Satish kumarDesign EngineeringAchieving Sustainability by the Utilization of Fly Ash as a Secondary Cementitious Material119342,UGC Care list2021-22
2CIVILDr. T Chandra Sekhar RaoDesign EngineeringEffect of Graded Steel Fibres on Fresh and Hardened Properties of Self Compacting Concrete119342,UGC Care list2021-22
3CIVILDr V. VenkateswarluShips and Offshore StructuresWave transformation due to finite floating elastic plate with abrupt change in bottom topography1744-5302,Web of science2021-22
4CIVILDr V. VenkateswarluOcean EngineeringIterative Dual Boundary Element Analysis of a Wavy Porous Plate near an Inclined Seawall0029-8018,Web of science2021-22
5CIVILDr. S R R Teja PrathipatiJournal of Structural Engineering (SERC), MadrasWeb-flange interaction on local buckling of I-sections-a study in relation to IS800-20079700137,Scopus2021-22
6CIVILDr V. VenkateswarluWave MotionBragg Scattering of Surface Gravity Waves by an Array of Submerged Breakwaters and a Floating Dock0165-2125,Scopus2021-22
7CIVILDr. Kunamineni VijayJournal of Building Pathology and RehabilitationApplication of artificial neural networks for prediction of microbial concrete compressive strength23653159,Scopus2021-22
8CIVILDr. Kunamineni VijayJournal of Building Pathology and RehabilitationEvaluating durability parameters of concrete containing bacteria and basalt fiber23653159,Scopus2021-22
9CIVILDr. T Chandra Sekhar RaoJournal of Hunan University Natural Sciences“Shear strength of Graded Steel fibre reinforced Self-compacting Concrete1674-2974,UGC Care list2021-22
10CIVILDr. Ch. N. Satish kumarWorld Journal of EngineeringAnalytical Modeling of Ultra-thin white topping cement concrete overlay on bituminous concrete pavement using ANSYS1708-5284,Scopus2021-22
11CIVILDr. T Chandra Sekhar RaoAsian Journal of Civil Engineering“RCC slab strengthening embellishment in nonlinear analysis by retrenchment and manifestation of frustration and cracks”,1563-0854,Scopus2021-22
12CIVILCh.N. Satish kumarStructural ConcreteInvestigations on mechanical and thermal properties of concrete with different proportions of insulation aggregates1751-7648,Scopus2020-21
13CIVILCh, N. Satish kumarAIMS Materials ScienceInfluence of fly ash on hydration compounds of high-volume fly ash concrete 2372-0484,Scopus2020-21
14CIVILCh, N. Satish kumarDesign EngineeringAchieving Sustainability by the Utilization of Fly Ash as a Secondary Cementitious Material119342,UGC Care list2020-21
15CIVILTanimki Chandra Sekhar RaoSolid State of TechnologyStrength Characteristics of Binary Blended Geopolymer Concrete0038-111X,UGC Care list2020-21
16CIVILTanimki Chandra Sekhar RaoMaterialstoday:ProceedingsDevelopment of Normal grade concrete using waste rubber2214-7853,UGC Care list2020-21
17CIVILTanimki Chandra Sekhar RaoMaterialstoday:ProceedingsAn experimental approach for proportioning self - compacting concrete using compressive strength model2214-7853,UGC Care list2020-21
18CIVILTanimki Chandra Sekhar RaoSolid State of TechnologyHigh strength superplasticized Ternary blended mortar for ferrocement elements0038-111X,UGC Care list2020-21
19CIVILTanimki Chandra Sekhar RaoSolid State of TechnologyA Review Report on Utilization of Geopolymer Concrete for Pavement Applications0038-111X,UGC Care list2020-21
20CIVILTanimki Chandra Sekhar RaoTechniumStrength characterstics of fiber reinforced geopolymer concrete for rigid pavement applications2668-778X,UGC Care list2020-21
21CIVILS.Ganapathi PrasadPenseeReal Time Optimal Crop Planning Using Fuzzy Linear Programming-A case study0031-4473,UGC Care list2020-21
22CIVILV. VenkateswarluShips and Offshore StructuresOblique wave interaction with a two-layer pile-rock breakwater placed on elevated bottom1744-5302,Scopus2020-21
23CIVILV. VenkateswarluOcean EngineeringWave Scattering by Trapezoidal Porous Boxes using Dual Boundary Element Method298018,Scopus2020-21
24CIVILV. VenkateswarluJournal of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering, Transactions of American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASMEWave trapping efficiency of a flexible membrane near a partially reflecting seawall1528896X,Scopus2020-21
25CIVILYeswanth PaluriTransportation Infrastructure GeotechnologyEffect of Lime on Resilient Characteristics of Pond Ash21967202,Scopus2020-21
26CIVILDr. P. Sundara KumarInternational Journal of Engineering Research & TechnologyEvaluation of Ground Water Quality in and Around Area of Bapatla using GIS Technique2395-0056, 395-0072,UGC Care list2019-20
27CIVILT. Chiranjeevi, Dr. T. Chandra Sekhar RaoIOSR Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering (IOSR-JMCE)Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete Containing Mineral Admixtures2278-1684, 2320–334X,UGC Care list2019-20
28CIVILU. Siva Rama Krishna, Dr. Ch. N. Satish kumarInternational Journal of Construction Management A case study on maintenance of bituminous concrete pavement considering life cycle cost analysis and carbon footprint estimation1562-3599,UGC Care list2019-20
29CIVILDr. T Chandra Sekhar RaoTechnium Dom?nance of mater?al compos?t?on on mechan?cal propert?es of normal and h?gh strength grade b?nary blended geopolymer concrete2668-778X,UGC Care list2019-20
30CIVILU. Siva Rama Krishna, Dr. Ch. N. Satish kumarJordan Journal of Civil EngineeringA Study On Concrete Mix With Quaternary Blended Sustainable Materials For Ultra -thin White Topping1993-0461, 2225-157X,Scopus2019-20
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32CIVILDr. T Chandra Sekhar RaoJournal of Advanced Cement & Concrete TechnologyReview Report on Sustainable Studies on Geopolymer Concrete,UGC Care list2019-20
33CIVILP. Bapi RajuInternational Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering and TechnologyAn Experimental Investigation on Expansive Soil in Conjunction With Egg Shell Powder and Rock Dust0976-6480,0976-6499,Scopus2019-20
34CIVILT Chandra sekharRao International Journal of SN Applied Sciences (Springer Link).Experimental investigations on tensile strength behavior and microstructure of ultra-high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete2076-3417,UGC Care list2018-19
35CIVILAshok JulagantiKSCE Journal of Civil EngineeringPermanent Deformation Characteristics of Warm Asphalt Binders under Reduced Aging Conditions1976-3808,Web of science2018-19
36CIVILAshok Julaganti,Rajan Chowdary and Abhinay KumarKSCE Journal of Civil EngineeringPermanent deformation charactersitcs of Warm Asphalt Binders under Reduced aging conditions,Web of science2018-19
37CIVILCh.N.Satishkumar and U.Sivarama KrishnaInternational journal of pavement engineeringUltra thin white topping concrete mix with sustainable concrete materials- aliterature review1477268X,Web of science2018-19
38CIVILA.V.Rama RajuInternational Journal of Civil Engineering & TechnologyDefluridation of Ground water’s of Darsi mandal, Prakasam district, Andhra Pradesh by using Natural absorbents0976-6308,Scopus2017-18
39CIVILG. BabuRao, A.Vijaya Rama Raju and S. KanakambaraRaoInternational Journal of Civil Engineering & TechnologyDefluridation of Ground water’s of DarsimandalPrakasam district, Andhra Pradesh by using Natural adsorbents0976 - 6308,Scopus2017-18
40CIVILT Chandra sekharRao International Journal of Materials today (Science direct)Mix Design and Flexural Response of Ultra High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete2214-7853,Scopus2017-18
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