Electrical & Electronics Engineering


Smt.N.Rama Devi

Head of the Department

Qualification:: M.Tech. (Power Systems),(Ph.D)
Experience:: 17 years
email::  ramadevi_eee@yahoo.co.in

Teaching Staff

Sl.No Name of the Faculty Designation Quatilification Teaching Exp (years) E-Mail
1 Dr.N.Rama Devi Assoc.Prof. & HOD. M.Tech. (Power Syatems), Ph.D 18y ramadevi_eee@yahoo.co.in
2 Dr. G. Ravi Kumar Professor M.Tech, Ph.D 23y goli.ravikumar@yahoo.com
3 Dr. K. Ramesh Asst. Prof. M. Tech. (High Voltage Engg.),Ph.D 15y rameshbec.nandur@gmail.com
4 Sri. N.Karthik Asst. Prof M.Tech. (Power Systems),(Ph.D) 14y wizitkarthik@gmail.com
5 Sri. CH.Sridhar Asst. Prof. M.Tech (Power Engg),(Ph.D) 15y sridharbec@gmail.com
6 Smt. K.Kamala Devi Asst. Prof. M.Tech (Power Systems),(Ph.D) 13y kamaladevi_electrical@yahoo.com
7 Sri. G.Rajesh Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (Power Systems) 11y rajeshgarikapati@gmail.com
8 Sri. B.Shanker Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (Power Systems) 10y shankernitw@gmail.com
9 Sri.P.Sampath Kumar Asst. Prof. M.Tech (Control systems),(Ph.D) 11y pappulasampathkumar@gmail.com
10 Sri. Ch.Hari Prasad Asst. Prof. M.Tech (Ics) 8y hariprasad777@gmail.com
12 Sri. J.Pardhasaradhi Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (Power Systems),(Ph.D) 10y pardhu_y4@yahoo.com
13 Sri.G.Anil Kumar Asst. Prof. M. Tech. (P.S.E.) 7y anil.smile6@gmail.com
14 Sri.N.Bala Krishna Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (Embedded Systems) 7y nbk6868@gmail.com
15 Sri.B.Vijaya Krishna Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (Power & Industrial Drives),(Ph.D) 8y bvijayakrishna85@gmail.com
16 Sri.J.Ravindra Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (Control Systems),(Ph.D) 9y ravindrajanga@gmail.com
17 Sri.M.Durga Prasada Rao Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (Power Electronics & Power Systems) 10y mvprasadarao@gmail.com
18 Sri. K.Rajendra Asst. Prof. M.Tech 8y k.rajendra.eee@gmail.com
19 Sri.B.Praveen Kumar Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (Power & Industrial Drives) 7y praveenkumar_237@yahoo.co.in
20 Sri.M.Suresh Babu Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (Control Systems) 7y suri.253@gmail.com
21 Sri. Sk. Karimulla Asst. Prof. M. Tech. (High Voltage Engineering) 6y sk.karimeee@gmail.com
22 Ms. M. Nagendra Asst. Prof. M. Tech. (Power Systems) 6y nagendra435@gmail.com
23 Sri. M.Siva Rama Krishna Asst. Prof. M. Tech. 4y Sivarama263@gmail.com
24 Sri. I. Venkata Raghavendra Asst. Prof. M. Tech. 5y raghavendra.iv@gmail.com
25 Ms. D. Naga Lakshmi Asst. Prof. M.Tech (Power Systems) 5y dasari.nagalakshmi@gmail.com
26 Sri. M.Vasu Asst. Prof. M.Tech (Industrial Power & Automation) 1y maddi.vu49@gmail.com
27 Sri. Sai Goutham Golive Asst. Prof. M.Tech (Renewable Energy) 1y saigowtham248@gmail.com
28 Sri. P. karimulla Asst. Prof. M.Tech (Power system) 1y karimulla.pollisetti@gmail.com
29 Sri. B. Praveen Kumar Asst. Prof. M.Tech 3y bon.praveen@gmail.com
30 Sri. M. Ganesh Babu Asst. Prof. M.Tech 1y ganashnitrreee@gmail.com
31 Sri. Anai Relish Asst. Prof. M.Tech 1y anairelish6@gmail.com
32 Sri. S. Subrahmanyam Asst. Prof. M.Tech 1y subbumercy@gmail.com

Teaching Staff for II Shift Polytechnic

Sl. No.
Name of the Faculty
Teaching Exp (years)
1 Sri. P.Raju Asst. Prof. M. Tech. (Power Electronics & Electrical Drives) 9y raju_eee234@yahoo.co.in
2 Ms. Ashmatunnisa Asst. Prof. M.Tech (Power system) 4y asmi.eee@gmail.com
3 Sri.G Ramesh Babu Asst. Prof. M.Tech (Power Electronics) 4y rameshee404@gmail.com
4 Ms. K.Threveni Asst. Prof. M.Tech 2Y katamthreveni1981@gmail.com
5 Sri.Jagan Mohan Rao Asst. Prof. M.Tech 2y jagan.039@gmail.com
6 Sri.P.Phanindrai Asst. Prof. B.Tech 1y phanindrapoluri121@gmail.com
7 Ms.M.Sudha Sirisha Asst. Prof. B.Tech 1y sudhasirisha.777@gmail.com

Supporting Staff

Sl.No Name of the Staff Quatilification Designation
01 Mr. Y.Veeraiah Chowdary Jr. Asst. B.A
02 Mr. K.V.Sekhara Rao Lab.Tech. DEEE
03 Mr. D.Manoranjan Attender I.T.I
04 Mr. D.Sarath Chandra Babu Helper I.T.I
05 Mr. K.Vamsi Prahlad Lab Attendant DEEE
06 Mr. P. Poorna Adithya Trainee Lab Attendant DECE
07 Mr. S.Sudhakara rao Lab Trainee ITI