Department Profile

The Department was established in the year 1981 in which the college was started. It has highly qualified, experienced and committed faculty who have set good academic standards.

In addition to teaching Engineering Mathematics courses, the department is providing help to other departments whenever necessary.

The department leaped one more step ahead when the Acharya Nagarjuna University recognized it in March 2004 as one of the potential departments that can offer M. Phil and Ph.D. Sri. J. Baskar Babujee (ex-staff member of the college) obtained Ph.D under the guidance of Dr. N. Prabhakara Rao from JNTU, Hyderabad. So far three students obtained Ph.D, nine students obtained M.Phil through the research center of the department.

The department is selected by the National Board of Higher Mathematics to grant advanced books of mathematics. Under this programme the department received 387 books which are very useful for higher learning/research in mathematics.

To enhance the knowledge in Mathematics through curriculum for developing Analytical and Logical thinking among the students in various applicable fields of Science, Engineering and Technology

To impart the knowledge of  different  mathematical  methods  in Advanced calculus, Linear Algebra, Numerical Methods, Differential Equations and  Probability & Statistics etc for enriching  the computational ability in solving problems effectively and efficiently  in multifarious fields of Science, Engineering and Technology particularly in Cryptography, Data Sciences, Cyber Security including Computer, Electrical, Civil and Mechanical Engineering fields.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) of M.Sc(Mathematics)

PEO-1: To provide knowledge, ability and understanding in Mathematics and also in interdisciplinary subjects to the students.

PEO-2: To acquire the skills necessary to apply mathematical problem-solving techniques including Algebra, Analysis, Modelling, Operation Research, Graph Theory, Number theory   etc  for using  mathematical software applications  to the solutions of real-world problems.

PEO-3:  To enable the students to work as mathematical teaching professionals or to pursue their higher studies in multifarious fields of Science, Engineering and Technology.