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CSE International conferences

In recent years, advanced computational techniques play a vital role in the advancement of novel technologies. Machine learning, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing speeds up the industrial growth. Due to their heterogeneous nature, IoT has developed greater research potential for the wireless network community. With its open, scalable and interoperable architectures, IoT has benefited the emerging intelligent systems like Natural Language Processing [NLP], Cognitive Systems, Expert Systems and so on, to initiate artificial humanized computing architectures. IoT with its number of intelligent sensor nodes becomes capable enough to sense and respond even to the complex and irregular issues that emerge in the intelligent systems. All these technologies significantly contribute in the advancement in building intelligent solutions in decision making in an effective and efficient manner.Despite the hype, this research domain needs some research attention on some unexplored areas like smart sensing, high-performance computing, network modeling, security, and privacy. This International Conference on Advanced Computing Techniques [ICACT-2021] organized by Bapatla Enineering College, Bapatla, Andhra pradesh, India on 20-21, May 2021 aims to gather the state-of-the-art research contributions in the evolving fields of Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing, Natural Language Processing, IOT, and Security . The First International Conference on Advanced Computational Techniques (ICACT) focuses on promoting the recent advances and innovations in the disciplines of Computer Science and Information Technology. The Conference offers an opportunity to bring scientists of different disciplines together, to discuss new issues, to tackle complex problems and to find advanced solutions breeding new trends in Computational Science. This Conference will also provide a platform for research community and industry to share the recent developments a


  1. Data Mining
  2. High Performance
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Computational Intelligence
  5. Soft Computing
  6. Big Data Analytics
  7. Grid & Cloud Computing
  8. Deep Learning
  9. Cognitive Computing
  10. Image Processing
  11. Artificial Intelligence
  12. Computing Social Networks
  13. Computer Vision
  14. Information Security
  15. Internet of Things
  16. Bio Informatics
  17. Geo Informatics
  18. Computer Networks
  19. Robotics
  20. Other topics related to ICACT Theme


  • S. Rama Krishna
  • N. Sudhakar
  • K. Mani Deep
Total No. of Papers Received: 92 Papers Accepted: 32   Accepted Papers Titles and Authors:
Paper Title Authors
Region of Interest Extraction using Optical Character Recognition Template Prajwal. R Athrey, Asha K, Rajesha. H, Sahana. S Patil, Channabasavarajan. V
Chronic Kidney Disease Prediction using Neural Network and ML Models Meghana H L, Vaishnavi S Kuber, Yamuna B S, Varshitha T L, Vikrant. B. M
Air Quality Prediction using Ensemble Machine Learning Algorithm P. Durga Devi, M. Chandrakala
Finger Knuckle Print Authentication using Visual Threshold Cryptographic Techniques Dr. A. Muthukumar, Y. Tharun Babu, K. Hemanth Kumar, Y. Joshnakar Reddy
psySSIST: A Mental Wellness-Oriented Conversational Assistant Aniruddha Chakravarty, Kalpak Jibhakate, Nilima Kulkarni, Jyoti Malhotra
Automation in Agriculture using AGROBOT Sindhu B R, Raghu C, Asha K, Chethan Shindhe R, Sahana P
Smart Selfie Capture using Facial Landmark Plot Point Ashish Chopra, Yash Awasthi, Madhavi, Vinita Sharma
An Overview on Outcome based Education Dr. S K. Nazeer, N. Kiran Kumar, Vishnu Vardhan, K Rohini, K Sarathchandra, A Chandra Sekhar
Design and Synthesis of 2-bit Asynchronous and 2-bit Synchronous Counter with Conventional and Reversible Logic T. Bhanu Sandhya, C. Venkata Sudhakar, Dr. G. Ganesh Kumar
Design of Three-Input Floating Point Adder/Subtractor A. Niharika, G. Naresh, Neelima K
Sentiment Analysis based Method for Amazon Product Reviews Jyoti Budhwar, Sukhdip Singh
Handling Imbalanced Data using UP-Sampling and Data Augmentation for NLP N Vidya Sagar, P Venkata Siva
Analyze Fluctuations in The Water Level of Erai River using Sentinel Data Yukta Chikate, Atharva Konge
Speech and Lyric-based Doc2Vec Music Recommendation System Niharika Gali, Dr. Vineet Tiwari
Methods for Effective Formulation of Business Rules in Title Insurance using Machine Learning Algorithms K. Neelima, Dr. S. Vasundra
Towards Smart Water Quality Monitoring System for Urban Environment Kesava Rao Bagadi
Implementation of Robotic ARM for Object Pick and Placevia Bluetooth "Anandh B A, Shankar Ganesh A, Sakthivel R, Henaa Ramya W"
Energy Aware Secured Routing against Wormhole Attack in WSN Vignesh Saravanan K, Narmadha S, Vijayalakshmi K
Medical Health Care Chain Systembased on IoT Vaibhav V. Mainkar, Aditya R. Koyande, Gouri D. Khot, Deepali B. Khot, Guruprasad T. Bhogate
Li-Ion Battery Pack Testing By using Artificial Neural Network Yaswanth Pavan Kumar. T, Jieh-Ren Cheng, Tien -Tai Chang
A Survey of Protocols and End-To-End Security Models for Internet of Things Prateek Thapar, Dr. Usha Batra
Google Firebase based Modern IoT System Architecture B Padmaja, E Krishna Rao Patro, Sankeerth Mahurkar, Akhila G
Blockchain based Approaches For Preventing Drug Counterfeit: A Survey Mansi Sharma, Dr. Geeta Sikka
Smart Academia - Alexa based System Dr. T. Y. J. Naga Malleswari, Saurabh Agarwal, Raj Khatri
Survey on Fake News Detection using Machine learning Algorithms Dr. S. Rama Krishna, Dr. S. V. Vasantha, K. Mani Deep
A Review: Food Recognition for Dietary Assessment/Calorie Measurement using Machine Learning Techniques Adhira Gupta, Sanjay Sharma
An Energy-Efficient Stress Monitoring System Using Physiological Data Bhupendra Ramani, Warish Patel, Kamini Solanki, Monal Patel
CrypEvote: An advanced Lightweight e-Voting System using Cryptography Warish Patel, Monal Patel, Bhupendra Ramani
Transcript Factors Associated with Disease Resistance in Plants and Their Potential for Crop Improvement Dr. B. Kiranmai, Dr. S. V. Vasantha
A Review of Online Voting System Security based on Cryptography Warish Patel, Monal Patel, Bhupendra Ramani
Techniques for Rice Leaf Disease Detection using Machine LearningAlgorithms Dr. Sandhya Venu Vasantha, Dr. Bejjam Kiranmai, Dr. S. Rama Krishna

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