Computer Science & Engineering


Dr. SK.Nazeer

Head of the Department

Qualification:: M.Tech.,Ph.D
Teaching Experience:: 15 years

Teaching Staff

Sl.No Name of the Faculty Designation Quatilification Teaching Experience(years) email
1 Dr. Nagalla Sudhakar Professor M.Tech, Ph.D 30y
2 Prof.Vetagiri Chakradhar Professor M.Tech. 29y
3 Dr. P.S.V.Vachaspati Professor M.Tech. 16y
4 Sri. P.Pardhasaradhi Associate Prof. M. Tech. 15y
5 Dr. SK.Nazeer Prof.& Head of Dept. M.Tech,Ph.D 15y
6 Sri. M.Rajesh Babu Asst.Prof. M.Tech. 13y
7 Smt. CH.Mangamma Asst.Prof. M. Tech           7y
8 Sri. K.Kishanchand Asst.Prof. M.Tech 7.5y
9 Sri. T.Nagarjuna Asst.Prof. M.Tech 6.6y
10 Sri. K.Arun Babu Asst.Prof. M. Tech. 4.6y
11 Sri. K.Mani Deep Asst.Prof. M. Tech. 4.6y
12 Sri. V.Naveen Kumar Asst.Prof. M. Tech. 4.6y
13 Sri. R.Pavan Kartheek Asst.Prof. M. Tech. 4.6y
14 Sri. S.Naga Chandra Sekhar Asst.Prof. M. Tech. 7y
15 Sri. J.Kumara Raja Asst.Prof. M. Tech. 3.5y
16 Sri. R.Veera Mohan Rao Asst.Prof. M. Tech. 3.5y
17 Mrs. M. Karuna Asst.Prof. M. Tech. 2y
18 Sri. A. Ravi Kishore Asst.Prof. M. Tech. 2y
19 Sri. J.Madhan Kumar Asst.Prof. M. Tech. 2y
20 Sri. P. Nandha Kishore Asst.Prof. M. Tech. 2y
21 Sri.P.Bala Krishna Asst.Prof. M.Tech 7y
22 Sri.G.Ramesh Babu Asst.Prof. M.Tech 6y
23 Sri.K.Kishan Babu Asst.Prof. M.Tech 1.5y
24 Sri.N.Phanindra Asst.Prof. M.Tech 1y
25 Sri. B. Prashanth Babu Asst.Prof. M.Tech.
26 Sri. K. Ashok Babu Asst.Prof. M.Tech. 1y
27 Sri. D.Venkatesh Asst.Prof. M.Tech. 4 Months
28 Sri. E.Esaswini Asst.Prof. M.Tech. 4 Months
29 Sri. K.Y.V.Nagendra Babu Asst.Prof. M.Tech. 4 Months
30 Sri. N.Junnu Babu Asst.Prof. M.Tech. 4 Months
31 Sri. M.Srikanth Asst.Prof. M.Tech. 4 Months

Non Teaching Staff(Main Computer Center)

S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Quatilification Total Experience(years) E-Mail
1 Smt.Y.Radhika Jr.Asst B.A 10y
2 Sri.A.Srinu Computer Operator B.Com.,DCA 23y
3 Smt.K.Siva Nageswari Computer Operator B.A.,DCS 22y
4 Sri.A.Sai Kishore Lab Assist. DECE 7y
5 Sri.Uppala Venu Gopal Lab Attd. DIT 6y