Electronics & Communication Engineering


Dr. B. Chandra Mohan

Professor & Head of the Department

Dr. B. Chandra MohanQualification:: M.Tech, Ph.D (Image Watermarking)
Teaching Experience:: 23 years
email::  chandrabhuma@yahoo.co.in

Teaching Staff for UG and PG

Sl.No Name of the Faculty Designation Quatilification Teaching Exp (years) E-Mail
1 Dr. B.Chandra Mohan Professor & HOD M. Tech. (Microwave & Radar Engg.), Ph.D 24y chandrabhuma@yahoo.co.in
2 Dr. N.Venkateswara Rao Professor M.E.,(Microwave & Radar Engg.), Ph.D 24y nvrao68@gmail.com
3 Sri. K. Sambasiva Rao Associate Prof. M.Tech. (Instrumentation Engineering) 18y(Teaching)
4 Sri. P. Surendra Kumar Asst. Prof. M.Tech., (Ph.D) 10.5y mailme_surendranitk@yahoo.co.in
5 Sri. Ch.Altaff Hussain Asst. Prof. M.Tech., (Ph.D) 9y(Teaching)
6 Smt. D.Swetha Asst. Prof. M.Tech. 8.6y swethachand7@gmail.com
7 Sri. SK.Mahaboob Subhani Asst. Prof. M.Tech 8.6y skmsubanibec@gmail.com
8 Sri. T.Krishna Chaitanya Asst. Prof. M.Tech., (Ph.D) 7.4y tkrishna479@gmail.com
9 Smt. M.Baby Asst. Prof. M.Tech., (Ph.D) 8.5y baby.madam@gmail.com
10 Sri. M.Suneel Asst. Prof. M.Tech., (Ph.D) 6y(Teaching)
11 Sri. B.Surendra Babu Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (Communication & Radar Systems) 3.6y surendrabachina@gmail.com
12 Sri. Sk.Idrish Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (Embedded Systems) 3.5y idrishshaik@gmail.com
13 Sri. P.P.M.Prasad Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (Embedded Systems) 4y manohar.padyala@gmail.com
14 Kum. N. Naga Swathi Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (Digital Electronics & Communications) 3y swathi.nns@gmail.com
15 Kum. Y. Sruthi Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (VLSI & ES) 1.2y ysruthi30@gmail.com
16 Kum. P. Tejaswi Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (CSP) 2.2y papanatejaswi@gmail.com
17 Sri. K.Naga Raju Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (CESP) 1.2y knraju53@gmail.com
18 Sri. Sd.Imran Basha Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (CESP) 3y sd.imranbasha@gmail.com
19 Kum. M. Lakshmi Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (CESP) 1y lakshmii.m434@gmail.com
20 Kum. K.Kalpana Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (Communication Engineering & signal processing) 3y koppolukalpana@gmail.com
21 Sri. P. Vasudeva Reddy Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (VLSI & Embeded system) 4Months vasudevareddy2020@gmail.com
22 Sri. S. Ramesh Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (Micro Electronics) 4Months sambangi.ramesh86@gmail.com
23 Sri. P. Ravi Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (Digital techniques & Instrumentations) 4Months ravicrr63@gmail.com
24 Sri. C. Subba Reddy Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (Communication systems) 9Months subbareddy.chavva@gmail.com
25 Sri. D. Suneel Varma Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (electronic systems & communications) 1.4y varmasuneel7400@gmail.com
26 Sri. Y.CH.S.Hareesh Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (V.L.S.I & Nano Technology) NIL ychshareesh492@gmail.com
27 Sri. U.Uma Maheswara rao Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (V.L.S.I & Nano Technology) NIL uma09465@gmail.com
28 Sri. B.Achyut Chowdary Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (V.L.S.I Design) 1y achyut.488@gmail.com
29 Sri. D.Gopi chand Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (V.L.S.I Design) NIL gopichand.dasari@gmail.com
30 Sri. N.V.Ramesh Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (V.L.S.I Design) NIL ramesh471ece@gmail.com
31 Sri G.Mahesh Asst. Prof. M.Tech. (CESP) 1 Year gmahesh033@gmail.com

Teaching Staff for II Shift Polytechnic

Sl.No Name of the Faculty Designation Quatilification Teaching Exp (years) E-Mail
1 Smt. K. Aruna Kumari Asst. Prof. B.Tech. (ECE) 4y kumari.aruna72@gmail.com
2 Sri. T.Praveen Kumar Asst. Prof. B.Tech. (ECE) 2y praveenkumarece2008@gmail.com
3 Kum. D. Jahnavi Saisree Asst. Prof. B.Tech. (ECE) 8m jsai.sree@gmail.com
4 Sri. K.Ravi Teja Asst. Prof. B.Tech. (ECE) 4m
5 Ms. A.Neelima Asst. Prof. B.Tech. (ECE) 4m
6 Ms. R.Sujatha Asst. Prof. B.Tech. (ECE) 4m
7 Ms. T.Padma Asst. Prof. B.Tech. (ECE) 4m

Non Teaching Staff Profile

Sl.No Name of the Staff Designation Qualification Total Experience (years) E-Mail
1 Sri. T. Venkateswara Rao Jr. Asst M.Com 23y tvrao@gmail.com
2 Smt. N. Kusuma Lab. Asst DECE, AMIETE 19y nkusuma1996@gmail.com
3 Sri. Y. Venkata Krishna Lab. Asst DECE 9y yvkrishnabec@gmail.com
4 Sri. P. Venkatesh Lab. Asst DCSE 5y venky.panguluri@gmail.com
5 Sri. G. Rama Krishna Lab. Asst DECE 5y GRK_CRL@ymail.com