It is a matter of pride and honour for the department that Acharya Nagarjuna University recognized it as a research centre in March 2004 to offer M. Phil and Ph.D. in mathematics. The recognition has ignited the creative minds of the post graduate students of mathematics and every year two to three students joined for M. Phil and after its completion registered for Ph.D. Dr. N. Prabhakara Rao, Professor & HOD of the department is recognizes as a research director by ANU.

So far under the guidance of Dr. N. Prabhakara Rao, 3 Ph.D”s and 9 M.Phils were awarded through this research centre. Commendable work is being done in algebra ( rings, lattices ) and graph theory(topological indices, magic labelings).Several papers were published in national and international journals and these research students have presented papers in several national and international conferences and symposia.

S.No.Name of the studentYear of 
Name of the courseTitle of the DissertationName of the guideRemarks
1K.  Lavanya     Lakshmi2004M. PhilPolars and Annihilators in Seminormal Lattice ordered Autometrized AlgebrasDr. N. Prabhakara RaoAwarded in 2006
2B.S.K. Chaitanya2004M. PhilA group theoretical study of second ordered magneto resistance and second order piezoelectricity in quasicrystalsDr. P. Hemagiri RaoAwarded in 2006
3M. Prasanthi2004M. PhilMinimal prime ideals in seminormal lattice ordered autometrized algebrasDr. N. Prabhakara RaoAwarded in 2006
4P.V. Srinivas2005M. PhilOn a class of seminormal lattice ordered autometrized algebrasDr. N. Prabhakara RaoAwarded in 2007
5M. Siva Mala2005M. PhilOn a Class of Semi lattice ordered  semiringsDr. N. Prabhakara RaoAwarded in 2007
6K. Kiran Kumar2005M. PhilImplicative Semilattices Dr. N. Prabhakara RaoAwarded in 2010
7A. Lakshmi Prasanna2006M. PhilOn Wiener, PI & Szeged indices of penta chainsDr. N. Prabhakara RaoAwarded in 2009
8K. Sunita2006M. PhilOn Representable  Autometrized  AlgebrasDr. N. Prabhakara RaoAwarded in 2010
9M. Srujana2008M. PhilRandic and Sh indices of certain classes of pentachains.Dr. N. Prabhakara RaoAwarded in 2013
10P. Srinivasa Rao2008M. PhilOn  hyper latticesDr. N. Prabhakara RaoAwarded in 2012
11K. Lakshmi Lavanya2008Ph.DOn certain topological indices of phynelynesDr. N. Prabhakara RaoAwarded in 2014
12P.V. Srinivas2008Ph.DIdeal theory of sum-ordered partial semiringsDr. N. Prabhakara RaoAwarded in 2012
13N. Karunakar2008Ph.D Dr. N. Prabhakara RaoRegistered

The staff members of the department who have registered / Completed Ph.D other than the research centre of the department are :

14J.Bhaskar Babujee2000Ph.DOn Graph labellingsDr.N.Prabhakara RaoAwarded in 2004
15K.V.L.N. Acharyulu2003Ph.DA Study on some Mathematical models of Ecological Ammensalism between Multiple Interacting Species.Dr. N. Ch. PattabhiramacharyuluAwarded in 201