Physics Department Publications
Sl. No.Dept.Faculty NameJournal NamePaper TitleVol. details & DateAcad. Year
1PhysicsY.Chaitanya, Dr. A. Ramesh BabuMaterials Chemistry and PhysicsImpact of copper ions on physical, structural, spectroscopic, and dielectric properties of Bi2O3–CaO–P2O5–B2O3 glasses 290 (2022): 1265842022-2023
2PhysicsDr.V.Aruna,Dr.A.Ramesh Babu,N.Sreeram,Dr.K.RamakrishnaJournal of Physics and Chemistry of solids Electrical and spectroscopic characteristics of B2O3–Bi2O3–Al2O3–MgO glasses alloyed with MnO170 (2022): 110957.2022-2023
3PhysicsDr.V.Aruna,Dr.A.Ramesh Babu,N.Sreeram,Y,ChaitanyaJ.Non. Crystalline solidsThe influence of Cu2+ ions on the ionic, electronic conductivity and optical characteristics of Li2O-SrO-B2O3 system575 (2022): 1212102021-2022
4PhysicsDr.V.Aruna,N.SreeramChemospereVisible light driven indium vanadium oxide nanosheets supported bismuth tungsten oxide nanoflakes heterostructure as an efficient photocatalyst for the tetracycline degradation299 (2022): 1344772021-2022
5PhysicsDr.V.Aruna,Dr.M.V.Sambasiva Rao,L.Nageswara RaoOptics communicationsInfluence of chromium ions on photonic applicability of Na2O-Bi2O3-B2O3-SiO2glass system.480 (2021)126496 2020-2021
6PhysicsDr.V.Aruna,Dr.A.Ramesh Babu,N.Sreeram,Dr.K.RamakrishnaJ.Non.Crystalline solidsThe eminence of copper ions on optical,electrical properties and morphology of B2O3-Bi2O3-Al2O3-Mgo564/1208442020-2021
7PhysicsDr.V.Aruna,Dr.A.Ramesh BabuJ.Non crystalline solidsEffect of Cr2O3 on the structural, optical and dielectric studies of LiF-SrO-B2O3 glasses520(2019)1194282019-2020
8PhysicsDr.V.Aruna,Dr.A.Ramesh BabuJ.Non crystalline solidsEfficacy of copper ions on lithium ion conductivity, electron hopping, optical band gap, metallization criterion and morphology of Li2O-B2O3-P2O5 glasses536 (2020) 1200152019-2020
9PhysicsDr.A.Ramesh BabuJ.Non crystalline solidsAscendancy of iron ions on lithium ion conductivity,optical band gap,Urbach energy and topology of Li2O-SrO-B2O3 glasses533 (2020) 1199062019-2020
10PhysicsV.V. Haribabu, Y.ChaitanyaJournal of Engineering SciencesMonetization of Coma patient and Health prediction using machine learningVol 11,Issue 3,Page No :275-2822019-2020
11PhysicsDr. M.V. Sambasiva RaoMaterials Today ProceedingsDielectric and spectroscopic investigations on zinc arsenate glasses with Bi2O3 as additive19(2019)2639-2644 2019-2020
12PhysicsDr. M.V. Sambasiva RaoAIP Conference Proceedings 2115, 030231 (2019) Published Online: 12 July 2019Structural and spectroscopic investigations of multi component P2O5-PbO-Ga3O3-Dy2O3-Bi2O3 glass system: An insight to the energy transfer between Bi3+andDy3+ ions2115, 030229 (2019)2019-2020
13PhysicsY.Chaitanya, V.V.Haribabu,Journal of Xidian UniversityMicrostructural, Crystal Growth, EDAX, FTIR studies of ADP crystals prepared through aqueous solution methodVOLUME 14, ISSUE 5, 2020, Page No: 127 – 1352019-2020
14PhysicsY.Chaitanya, V.V.Haribabu,Journal of Xidian UniversityCrystal Growth, Morphological, EDAX, FTIR studies of KDP crystals prepared through aqueous solution methodVOLUME 14, ISSUE 4, 2020,Page No: 402 – 4082019-2020
15PhysicsDr.V.Aruna,Dr.A.Ramesh Babu, Dr.V.V.HaribabuJ. Applied science and Computations 5 (2018) 423Spectroscopic Investigations of Li2O-B2O3-P2O5 Glass system doped with V2O5Volume5, Issue 8,1076-5131, 20182018-2019
16PhysicsDr.V.Aruna,Dr.A.Ramesh Babu,Pramana Research JournalElectron Paramagnetic Resonance and optical absorption studies of chromium ions doped borophosphate glassesVolume8, Issue 10, 20182018-2020
17PhysicsDr.M.V.Sambasiva RaoOptical MaterialsCharacterization, optical and luminescence features of cobalt ions in multi component PbO-Al2O3-TeO2-GeO2-SiO2 glass ceramics88 (2019) 289-298,m 20182018-2021
18PhysicsDr.V.V.Hari BabuJARASUltrasonic Study and Properties of Molecular Interactions in Binary Liquid Mixture of Dibutylamine with MethanolVol 5, Issue 4, 20182018-2022
19PhysicsCh .AnjaneyuluJournal of Metallurgy and Materials ScienceSoft magnetic properties of Fe-based bulk metallic glass system containing niobium and copper59/issue 3(103-110)2017-2018
20PhysicsCh. AnjaneyuluInternational Journal for Science and Advance Research in TechnologySpectroscopic Exploration of TiO2 Doped lithium Borophosphate Glass SystemVol-3 issue 9 (633-636)2017-2018
21PhysicsV.Aruna, Ch. AnjaneyuluInternational Journal of Scientific Research in Science and TechnologyEPR, Optical Absorption and FTIR Properties of Cobalt Doped Lithium Borophosphate Glass SystemVolume 3 | Issue 7 |(744-748)2017-2018
22PhysicsCh. AnjaneyuluInternational Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering TechnologyPIXE Exploration of Trace Elements by Aerosol Irradiation of the VIZAG AtmosphereVol-5(1625-1631)2017-2018
23PhysicsCh. AnjaneyuluJournal of Engineering Research and Advanced DevelopmentTrace Element Exploration of Vizag Ground water by PIXE MethodVol 3 Issue 10 (14-19)2017-2018
24PhysicsCh. AnjaneyuluJournal of Molecular LiquidsExploring molecular Interactions of binary mixture (dimethyl carbonate+benzyl benzoate): Measurements and correlationVol 249 (1183-1194)2017-2018
25PhysicsCh. AnjaneyuluJournal of Thermal Analysis and CalorimetryThermo physicochemical investigation of Molecular Interactions in binary combination (dimethyl carbonate+methyl benzoate): Measurements and CorrelationVol 132 (693-707)2017-2018
26PhysicsCh. AnjaneyuluInternational Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering TechnologyEnvironmental Monitoring of Trace Elements in Neem tree leaves(Azadirachta Indica) by PIXE method6 (1), 2832-28402017-2018
27PhysicsV.V.Hari Babu, Ch.AnjaneyuluIJSRSTUltrasonic Studies of Molecular Interactions in Binary Liquid Mixture of Dibutylamine with EthanolVol4 Issue 5 (333-340)2017-2018
28PhysicsDr.M.V.Sambasiva RaoOptical MaterialsInfluence of valence state of copper ions on structural and spectroscopic properties of multicomponent PbO-Al2O3-TeO2-GeO2-SiO2 glass ceramic system- a possible material for memory switching devices73 (2017) 7-152017-2018
29PhysicsDr.M.V.Sambasiva RaoJ.NonCrystalline SolidsOptical absorption and luminescence properties of Pr3+ ions doped P2O5-PbO-Bi2O3-R2O3 (R= Al, Ga, In) glasses471 (2017) 476–4822017-2018
30PhysicsDr.M.V.Sambasiva RaoOptical MaterialsInvestigation of luminescence and laser transition of Dy3+ ion in P2O5-PbO-Bi2O 3 -R2O3 (R= Al, Ga, In) glasses66 (2017) 189-1962017-2018
31PhysicsDr.M.V.Sambasiva RaoAIP ProceedingsCharacterization and spectroscopic studies of multicomponent calcium zinc bismuth phosphate glass ceramics doped with iron ions1942, 070014 (2018)2017-2018
32PhysicsDr.M.V.Sambasiva RaoIJAPMicrostructure and spectroscopic investigations of multicomponent calcium zinc bismuth phosphate glass ceramics doped with manganese ions(2017) DOI 10.1007/s12648-017-1069-0 2017-2018
33PhysicsDr.M.V.Sambasiva RaoAIP ProceedingsRole of valance state of vanadium ions structural and spectroscopic properties of sodium lead bismuth silicate glass ceramics1942, 070016 (2018)2017-2018
34PhysicsDr.M.V.Sambasiva RaoPhysics and Chemistry of Glasses: European Journal of Glass Science and Technology Part BAsssement of structural state of vanadium ions in calcium bismuth borophosphate glass ceramics by means of spectroscopic investigations58(2) (2017) 49-582017-2018
35PhysicsDr.M.V.Sambasiva RaoPhase TransitionAssessment of role of iron ions on the physical and spectroscopic properties of multi-component Na2O-PbO-Bi2O3-SiO2 glass ceramics91(1) (2018) 92-107 2017-2018