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Department Library

About Department Library

The Department Library caters to the academic needs of all faculty members for their reference. The department Library also issue books to the students especially during assignment, mid and University Examinations. Apart from the regular college timings, it is opened on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the evenings for the students for their project work reference.   Sri S.Ganapathi Prasad is the in charge of the department Library.  
1 CE/94-01 Higher surveying volume 2 David Clark
2 CE/94-02 Concrete Technology M.S.Shetty
3 CE/94-03 Reinforced Concrete Structures S.Ramamrutham
4 CE/94-04 Basic Structural Analysis C.S.Reddy
5 CE/94-05 Analysis of Structures, Volume 1 Vazirani
6 CE/94-06 Materials Management GopalaKrishna
7 CE/94-07 Docks and Harbour Engineering S.P.Bindra
8 CE/94-08 DAPS S.R.Parimi
9 CE/94-09 Surveying Volume2 K.R.Arora
10 CE/94-10 Surveying Volume2 K.R.Arora
11 CE/94-11 Design of Prestressed Concrete Structures T.Y.Lin
12 CE/94-12 Analysis of Structures Vazirani
13 CE/94-13 Fortran77 Ramkumar
14 CE/94-14 Theory of Structures Timoshenko
15 CE/94-15 Surveying Volume I K.R.Arora
16 CE/94-16 Mechanics of Materials Popov
17 CE/94-17 Advanced Theory of Structures Sinha
18 CE/94-18 Essential English Dictionary Collins
19 CE/94-19 Fluid Mechanics &Hydraulic Machines Rajput
20 CE/94-20 Hand book of Concrete Engineering Fintel
21 CE/94-21 Design of Foundation Systems N.P.kurian
22 CE/94-22 Analysis and Design of inelastic Structures Cohn
23 CE/94-23 Fortran77 V.RajaRaman
24 CE/94-24 Fortran Crawley
25 CE/94-25 Valuation of Real Properties Rangwala
26 CE/94-26 Plane Surveying Volume-I David Clark
27 CE/94-27 Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Materials R.S.Khurmi
28 CE/94-29 Matrix Analysis of Framed Structures Weaver
29 CE/94-30 Strength of Materials Volume1 B.C.Punmia
30 CE/94-31 Theory of Structures Volume2 B.C.Punmia
31 CE94-32 Engineering Drawing Kapur
32 CE94-33 Strength of Materials,Volume2 Timoshenko
33 CE94-34 Water Power Engineering Dandekar
34 CE94-35 Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design Krishna Raju
35 CE94-36 Planning and Design of Airports Horonjeff
36 CE94-37 Strength of Materials Volume1 Timoshenko
37 CE94-38 Engineering Mechanics K.L.Kumar
38 CE94-39 Surveying Volume1 K.R.Arora
39 CE94-40 Elementary Civil Engineering Pawan Garg
40 CE94-49 Analysis of Structures, Volume-II Vazirani
41 CE94-50 Introduction of Mechanics of Solids Popov
42 CE94-51 Plane Surveying Alak De
43 CE94-52 Prestressed Concrete Krishna Raju
44 CE94-53 Geology Parbin Singh
45 CE94-54 SP-16(S&T)1980 BIS
46 CE94-55 Industrial Adm.&Construction Management M.L.Puri
47 CE94-57 Geophysical Prospecting for Ground Water S.K.Nath
48 CE94-58 Highway Engineering Khanna & Justo
49 CE94-59 Water Supply Engineering John G.Rau
50 CE94-60 Environmental Impact Analysis P.N.Modi
51 CE94-61 Theory of Structures R.S.Khurmi
52 CE94-62 Reinforced Concrete Structures Volume I B.C.Punmia
53 CE94-63 Finite Element in Engineering Chandrupatla
54 CE94-64 Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering S.KGarg
55 CE94-65 Fluid Mechanics A.K.Jain
56 CE94-66 Surveying Volume- I B.C.Punmia
57 CE94-67 Surveying Volume-II K.R.Arora
58 CE94-69 Stochastic Hydrology P.Jayaram Reddy
59 CE94-70 Finite Elements in Engineering Chandrupatla
60 CE94-71 Irrigation Engineering Birdie
61 CE94-72 Estimating, Costing and Accounts Kohli
62 CE94-73 Surveying Volume-II K.R.Arora
63 CE94-74 Surveying Volume I K.R.Arora
64 CE94-75 Elements of Public Health Engineering K.N.Duggal
65 CE94-76 Waste Water Treatment M.N.Rao
66 CE94-78 PERT & CPM B.C.Punmia
67 CE94-81 Structural Steel Design Volume I Narayanan
68 CE94-82 Structural Steel Design Volume I Narayanan
69 CE94-83 Structural Steel Design Volume I Narayanan
70 CE94-84 Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures S.Ramamrutham
71 CE94-85 Surveying Volume-II B.C.Punmia
72 CE94-86 Finite Element Method Abel/Desai
73 CE/94-87 The Finite Element Method Vol.2 O.C.Zienkiewiez
74 CE/94-88 Surveying Vol.3 B.C.Punmia
75 CE/94-89 A First Book of C G.J.Bronson
76 CE/94-90 Reinforced Concrete Design S.N.Sinha
77 CE/94-91 Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering K.R.Arora
78 CE/94-92 Estimating and Costing B.N.Dutta
79 CE/94-93 Estimating, costing and Specification Chakraborti
80 CE/94-94 Reinforced Concrete Vol.I H.J.Sinha
81 CE/94-95 Water Supply Engineering S.K.Garg
82 CE/94-96 Air Pollution M.N.Rao
83 CE/94-97 Sewage Disposal & Air Pollution Engg. S.K.Garg
84 CE/94-98 Engineering Mechanics Timoshenko
85 CE/94-99 Environmental Engineering P.V.Rao
86 CE/01 Mechanics of Structures Volume-I Jurnarkar & Shah
87 CE/02 Engineering Materials S.C.Rangwala
88 CE/03 Valuation of Real Properties S.C.Rangwala
89 CE/04 Water supply and sanitary Engineering Birdie & Birdie
90 CE/05 Strength of Materials S.Ramamrutham
91 CE/06 Irrigation Engg.&Hydraulic Structures S.K.Garg
92 CE/07 Sewage Disposal & Air Pollution Engg. S.K.Garg
93 CE/08 Fluid Mechanics A.K.Jain
94 CE/09 Analysis of Structures V.N.Vazirani
95 CE/10 Analysis of Structures V.N.Vazirani
96 CE/11 Surveying Volume-I B.C.Punmia
97 CE/12 Surveying Volume- II B.C.Punmia
98 CE/13 Surveying Volume- III B.C.Punmia
99 CE/14 Design of Steel structures Arya& Azmani
100 CE/15 Irrigation, Water power & Water resources Engineering K.R.Arora
101 CE/16 Modern Prestressed Concrete Libby
102 CE/17 Matrix Analysis of Framed Structures Weaver & Gere
103 CE/18 Matrix, Finite Element ,Computer and Structural Analysis Madhujit Mukhopadhyay
104 CE/19 Waste water treatment: Rational Methods of Design and Industrial practices M.Narayana Rao
105 CE/20 Essential of Bridge Engineering Johnston Victor
106 CE/21 Estimating and costing in Civil Engg. B.N.Dutta
107 CE/22 A Text Book of Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering V.N.S.Murthy
108 CE/23 Watersheds Comprehensive Development K.V.S.Rao
109 CE/24 Engineering Mechanics F.L.singer
110 CE/25 Fluid Mechanics Streeter,Wylie
111 CE/26 Engineering Mechanics Timoshenko
112 CE/27 Theory of Structures Timoshenko
113 CE/28 Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation Lillesand
114 CE/29 Water and Waste Water Technology Hammer
115 CE/30 The C Programming Language Kernighan
116 CE/31 Limit State Design of Reinforced Concrete P.C.Varghese
117 CE/32 Exploring C Kanetkar
118 CE/33 Engineering Mechanics Bhavikatti
119 CE/34 Environmental Pollution Control Engg. C.S.Rao
120 CE/35 Geotechnical Engineering Venkatramaiah
121 CE/36 Probability and Statistics for Engineering Johnson
122 CE/37 Design of Steel Structures S.K.Duggal
123 CE/38 Programming with C Gottfried
124 CE/39 Prestressed Concrete Krishna Raju
125 CE/40 Waste Water Engineering:Treatement and Reuse Metcalf & Eddy
126 CE/41 Design of Steel Structures L.S.Negi
127 CE/42 Structural Analysis:Matrix Approach Pandit & Gupta
128 CE/43 Reinforced Concrete Design S.N.Sinha
129 CE/44 Basic Structural Analysis C.S.Reddy
130 CE/45 Building Drawing Shah,Kale
131 CE/46 Reinforced Concrete Design S.N.Sinha
132 CE/47 Programming with C K.R.Venugopal
133 CE/48 Placement and personality Development Murali Krishna
134 CE/49 A Book of Quotations Murali Krishna
135 CE/50 A Book of Quotations Murali Krishna
136 CE/510 Water and Soil Laboratory Manual Murali Krishna
137 CE/94-100 Air port Planning and Design S.K.khanna& Arora
138 CE/94-101 Building Drawing Shah & Kale
139 CE/94-102 Estimating and Costing B.N.dutta
140 CE/94-103 A Hand Book of Civil Engg. S.Ramamrutham
141 CE/94-104 Limit Analysis of Structures V.K.M.Selvam
142 CE/94-105 Design of Steel Structures L.S.Negi
143 CE/D1 Plane Surveying A.M.Chandra
144 CE/D2 Irrigation and Water Power B.C.Punmia
145 CE/D3 Foundation Design and Construction M.J.Thomlinson
146 CE/D4 Hydrology P.J.Reddy
147 CE/D5 Surveying and Levelling Vol.2 Kanetkar & Kulkarni
148 CE/D6 Surveying Volume.1 B.C.Punmia
149 CE/D7 Surveying Volume.2 B.C.Punmia
150 CE/D8 Surveying Volume.2 B.C.Punmia
151 CE/D9 Surveying Vol.3 B.C.Punmia
152 CE/51 Interior Design M.Pratapa Rao
153 CE/52 Engineering Hydrology B.L.Gupta
154 CE/53 Engineering Geology K.M.Bangar
155 CE/54 Concrete Technology M.S.Shetty
156 CE/55 Building Construction Aroara & Bindra
157 CE/56 Railway Engineering Sexana & Arora
158 CE/57 Surveying & Levelling R.Agor
159 CE/58 Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machines R.K.Bansal
160 CE/59 Building Construction B.C.Punmia
161 CE/60 Irrigation & Water Power Engineering B.C.Punmia
162 CE/61 Mechanics of Materials B.C.Punmia
163 CE/62 Soil Mechanics and Foundation B.C.Punmia
164 CE/63 Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Modi & Seth
165 CE/64 Engineering Fluid Mechanics K.L.Kumar
166 CE/65 Engineering Mechanics A.K.Tayal
167 CE/66 Engineering Geology N.Chennakesavulu
168 CE/67 Basic and Applied Soil Mechanics Gopal Ranjan & A.S.R.Rao
169 CE/68 Ground Water H.M.Raghunath
170 CE/69 Hydrology H.M.Raghunath
171 CE/70 Concrete Technology M.L.Gambir
172 CE/71 Finite Element Analysis C.S.Krishna Murthy
173 CE/72 Structural Analysis Negi & Jangid
174 CE/D10 Sludge Treatment and Disposal B.S.Gurjor
175 CE/73 PERT/CPM and Project Management S.K.Bhattacharjee
176 CE/74 Highway Engineering L.R.Kadyali & N.B.lal
177 CE/75 Analysis of Structures Vol.1 Vazirani
178 CE/76 Limit State design Ramchandra
179 CE/77 Concrete Technology M.S.shetty
180 CE/79 Water Power Engineering M.M.Dandekar & K.N.Sharma
181 CE/80 Properties of Concrete A.M.Nevelli
182 CE/78 Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engg. K.R.Arora
183 CE/CC/1 Geotechnical Engg. D.P.Coduto
184 CE/81 Visual Dictionary D.K.Ultimate
185 CE/82 Pocket Dictionary of English Language Webster
186 CE/83 Pocket Computer Dictionary Webster
187 CE/84 Pocket Spelling Dictionary Webster
188 CE/85 Pocket Thesaurus Webster
189 CE/86 Pocket Medical & First aid dictionary Webster
190 CE/87 Pocket Business Dictionary Webster
191 CE/88 Pocket Grammar Speech Style dictionary Webster
192 CE/CC/2 Engineering Mechanics of Solids E.P.Popov
193 CC/3 Design of Bridges N.Krishna Raju
194 CC/4 Limit State Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures P.Dayaratnam
195 CE/CC5 Elements of Limit State Design of Concrete Structures Dr.Ramchandra
196 CE/89 Survey of the Environment 2004 The Hindu
197 CE/90/1 Short Course on ERDS IIIT-HYd
198 CE/90/2 Short Course on ERDS IIIT-HYd
199 CE/91/1SC Earthquake Disasters in India-Role of Civil Engg IIIT-Hyd
200 CE/91/2SC Earthquake Disasters in India-Role of  Civil Engg IIIT-Hyd
201 CE/CC6 Railway Engineering M.M.Agarwal
202 CE/CC7 Surveying Vol.1 B.C.Punmia
203 CE/CC8 Surveying Vol.2 B.C.Punmia
204 CE/CC9 Surveying Vol.3 B.C.Punmia
205 CE/CC10 A Basic Course in Environmental Studies Suridar Deswal
206 CE/CC11 Vector Mechanics for Engineering Beer-Johnston
207 CE/CC12 Design of Steel structures Dr Ramchandra
208 CE/CC13 Concrete Technology M.L.Gambhir
209 CE/CC14 Estimation and Costing B.N.Dutta
210 CE/CC15 Problems in Soil Mechanics and FE B.P.Varma
211 CE/89 Basic and Applied Soil Mechanics Gopal Ranjan
212 CE/90 Higher Surveying Dr. A.M.Chandra
213 CE/132 Finite Element Analysis S.S.Bhavikati
214 CE130 Building Materials S.K.Duggal
215 CE/131 Building Materials S.K.Duggal
216 CE133.CC National Conference on Recent Advances in structural Engg. B.C.Punmia
217 CE/143 Earthquake Resistant S.K.Duggal
218 CE/139 Design of Steel Structures S S Bhavikatti
219 CE/140 A Dictionary of Civil Engineering D N Chose
220 CE135-CC Short term intensive course on Environmental Studies(6th-10th July2005) B.C.Punmia
221 CE/144 Design of Steel Structures N.Subramanian
222 CE/145 Strength of Materials S S Bhavikatti
223 CE137/CC Advanced Mechanics of Solids S S Bhavikatti
224 CE138/CC Design of Bridge Structures M.L.Gambhir
225 CE139/CC Environmental Science and Engineering B.C.Punmia
226 CE140/CC Optimization theory and application Beer-John
227 CE141/CC Mechanics of Materials S S Bhavikatti
228 CE142/CC Irrigation and water Power Engineering B.C.Punmia,Dr Pande, BB Lal
229 CE143/CC Puzzles and Teasers George J.Summers
230 CE144/CC Foundation Design and Construction M.J.Tomlinson
231 CE145/CC Water supply engineering Dr. P.N.Modi
232 CE146/CC Hydrology Dr.P.Jayarami Reddy
233 CE/90 Irrigation and Water Power Engineering B.C.Punmia&Pande
234 CE/126 Basic Structural Analysis C.S.Reddy
235 CE/6 Finite Element Analysis C.S.KrishnaMoorthy
236 CE/52 Hand Book of Civil Engineering S.Ramamrutham
237 CE/103 Higher Engineering Mathematics B.S.Grawal
238 CE/114 Sewage disposal and Air pollution S.K.Garg
239 CE/116 Waste Water Treatment M.N.Rao&Datta
240 CE/95 Waste Water Treatment M.N.Rao&Datta
241 CE/97 Differential Calculus Shanti Narayan
242 CE/96 PERT & CPM L.S.Srinath
243 CE/118 Railway Engineering Subhash C Sexana & Arora
244 CE/122 Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structure S.K.Garg
245 CE/119 Analysis of Structures Vazirani & Ratwala
246 56/CE Limit Analysis of Structures V.K.Manicka salvam
247 CE/111 Analysis of Structures Vazirani & Ratwani
248 CE/11 Airport Plannining & Design Khanna & Arora Jain
249 CE/59 Docks and Harbour Engineering Dr.S.P.Bindra
250 CE/120 Airport Planning and Design S.K.Khanna & Arora,Jain
251 CE/121 Reinforced Concrete Vol.1 H.J.Shah
252 CE/117 Concrete Technology M.S.Shetty
253 CE/100 Concrete Technology M.S.Shetty
254 CE/92 Building Construction B.C.Punmia
255 CE147/CC Surveying Field Astronomy B.C.Punmia
256 CE148/CC Surveying & Levelling Kulkarni & Kanetkar
257 CE/98 Surveying Vol.1 B.C.Punmia
258 CE/105 Engineering Materials S.C.Rangawala
259 CE/115 Surveying Vol.1 B.C.Punmia
260 CE/106 Prestressed Concrete N.KrishnaRaju
261 CE/91 Prestressed Concrete N.KrishnaRaju
262 CE/25 Bridge Engineering D.J.Victor
263 CE/78 Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering Dr.K.R.Arora
264 CE/102 Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering Dr.K.R.Arora
265 CE/40 Concrete Technology M.L.Gambir
266 CE/109 Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engg. Dr. K.R.Arora
267 CE/149 Laboratory Manual for Building Materials ISTE
268 CE/71 Engineering Drawing Kapur & Sapra
269 CE/33 Building Drawing M.G.Shah & Kale
270 CE150/CC Surveying Vol.1 B.C.Punmia
271 CE/151 Surveying Vol.1 B.C.Punmia
272 CE152/CC Surveying Vol.2 B.C.Punmia
273 CE/110 Reinforced Concrete Structures Punmia & Jain
274 CE/113 Reinforced Concrete Structures Punmia & Jain
275 CE/92 Design of Steel Structures S.K.Duggal
276 CE/76 Design of Steel Structures S.K.Duggal
277 CE/123 Design of Steel Structures S.K.Duggal
278 CE/99 Design of Steel Structures S.K.Duggal
279 CE/101 Fluid Mechanics Dr. A.K.Jain
280 CE/94 Building Construction Arora & Gupta
281 CE/127 Strength of Materials S S Bhavikatti
282 CE/128 A Text Book of Applied Mechanics S S Bhavikatti
283 CE/108 Strength of Materials Ramamrutham & Narayan
284 CE/107 Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics E.H.Lewitt
285 CE/153 Experiments in Mechanics of solids B.M.Raval
286 135/624.17 Dynamics of structures A.K.Chopra
287 136/624.17 Dynamics of structures A.K.Chopra
289 CE/138 Water Resources Engineering Principles and Practice Satya narayana murthy
  290   CE/154/CC-1 Engineering Mechanics Domkundwar & Domkundwar
291 CE/154/CC-2 Engineering Mechanics Domkundwar & Domkundwar
292 CE/155/CC-1 Engineering Mechanics N.Srinivasulu
293 CE/155/CC-2 Engineering Mechanics A.Kamala & Sarma
  294   CE/156/CC-1 Surveying – 1 A.Kamala & Sarma
295 CE/156/CC-2 Surveying – 1 H.Krishna Sarma
296 CE/IES-I Civil Engineering Objective Paper – I MADE EASY
297 CE/IES-II Civil Engineering Objective Paper – II MADE EASY
  298   CE/141 Civil Engineering (Objective) S.P.Gupta & S.G.Gupta
299 CE/GATE-10 GATE Topic wise Previous Solved Papers MADE EASY
300 CE/CA-10 Current Affairs – 2010 MADE EASY
302 CE/157 Highway Engineering Justo & Khanna
303 CE/SE-1 Principles Of Engineering Geology Gokhale
304 CE/SE-2 Renewable Energy Resources 2/ED Tnidell
305 CE/SE-3 Structural Dynamics Theory & Computation-2/ED Mariopaz
306 CE/SE-4 Principles Of Foundation Engineering Das
307 CE/SE-5 Concrete Structures Woodson
308 CE/SE-6 Design Of Steel Structures 3/ED Bhavikatti
309 CE/SE-7 Irrigation Engineering & Hydraulics Structures Garg
310 CE/SE-8 Sewage Disposal & Air Pollution Engineering Garg
311 CE/SE-9 Water Supply Engineering Garg
312 CE/SE-10 A Text Book Of Engineering Geology Kesavulu
313 CE/SE-11 Basic And Applied Soil Mechanics Gopal
314 CE/SE-12 Engineering Optimization Theory And Practice S.Rao
315 CE/SE-13 Highway Engineering -10/ED Khanna
316 CE/SE-14 Remote Sensing & Applications Narayana
317 CE/SE-15 Principles Of Geographical Inf.System 2/ED Burrough
318 CE/SE-16 Design Of Steel Structures Subramanian
319 CE/SE-17 Earthquake Resistant Design Of Structures Agarwal
320 CE/SE-18 Professional Ethics And Human Values Govindarajan
321 CE/SE-19 Concrete Technology Theory And Practice Shetty
322 CE/SE-20 Non-Conventional Energy Resources-2/ED B.H.Khan
323 CE/SE-21 Instrumentation Measurements & Analysis Chaudary
324 CE/SE-22 Limit State Design Of  Steel Structures 2E Duggal
325 CE/SE-23 Geotechnical Engineering Gulhati
326 CE/SE-24 Labvien Graphical Programming-4/E Johnson
327 CE/SE-25 Prestressed Concrete 5/ED Krishna
328 CE/SE-26 Ethics In Engineering -4/ED Martin
329 CE/SE-27 Structure Analysis SI Units -2/ED Pandit
330 CE/SE-28 Air Pollution Rao
331 CE/SE-29 Handbook Of Machine Foundations Srinivasulu
332 CE/SE-30 Estimating &Costing In Civil Engineering Dutta
333 CE/SE-31 Advanced Engineering Mathematics – 9/ED Kreyzig
334 CE/SE-32 Valuation Of Real Properties Rangwala
335 CE/SE-33 Reinforced Concrete Vol.1 Shan
336 CE/SE-34 Analysis Of Structures Vol.1 Vazirani
337 CE/SE-35 Analysis Of Structures Vol.11 Vazirani
338 CE/SE-36 Building Construction Punmia
339 CE/SE-37 Irrigation And Water Power Engineering- 16/ED Punmia
340 CE/SE-38 Reinforced Concrete 7/ED Jain
341 CE/SE-39 Engg.Mechanics Of Solids- 2/ED Popoy
342 CE/SE-40 Elements Of Environmental Engineering Duggal
343 CE/SE-41 Engineering & General Geology Parbin Singh
344 CE/SE-42 Hydraulic & Fluid Mechanics: Including Hydraulics Dr. A.K.Jain
345 CE/SE-43 Surveying-II Arora
346 CE/SE-44 Surveying Vol-I, II/ED Arora
347 CE/SE-45 Estimating & Costing In Civil Engineering Dutta
348 CE/SE-46 Remote Sensing & Image Interpretation 6/ED Lillesand
349 CE/SE-47 A Textbook Of Engineering Geology Kesavulu
350 CE/SE-48 Analysis Of Structures Thandavamoorthy
351 CE/SE-49 Earthquake Resistant Design Of Structures Agarwal
352 CE/SE-50 T B Of Remote Sensing And G.I.S 4/ED Anji reddy
353 CE/SE-51 Building Planning And Drawing 7/Rev Swamy
354 CE/SE-52 Principles Of Foundation Engineering Das
355 CE/SE-53 Ait Transportation Planning & Design Kumar
356 CE/SE-54 Mechanics Of Materials Punmia
357 CE/SE-55 Ground Improvement Techniques Purushothama rao
358 CE/SE-56 A Textbook Of Engineering Geology Kesavulu
359 CE/SE-57 Bridge Superstructures Rajagopal
360 CE/SE-58 Remote Sensing And GIS 2/ED Bhatta
361 CE/SE-59 Professional Ethics And Human Values Govindarajan
362 CE/SE-60 Engineering Geology Kumar
363 CE/SE-61 Mechanics Of Composite Materials-2/ED Jones
364 CE/SE-62 Non-Conventional Energy Resources-2/ED B.H.Khan
365 CE/SE-63 Introduction To Geographical Information Systems-4/ED Chang
366 CE/SE-64 Geotechnical Engineering GUlhati
367 CE/SE-65 Prestressed Concrete 5/ED Krishna
368 CE/SE-66 Finite Element Analysis-2/ED Krishnamoorthy
369 CE/SE-67 Construction Planning Equipment 7 E/D Peurifoy
370 CE/SE-68 Reinforced Concrete Design 3/ED Pilllai
371 CE/SE-69 Bridge Engineering 2/ED Ponnuswamy
372 CE/SE-70 Elements Of Fracture Mechanics Prashant kumar
373 CE/SE-71 Air Pollution Rao
374 CE/SE-72 Strength Of Materials Rattan
375 CE/SE-73 Advanced Mechanics Of Solids- 3/ED Srinath
376 CE/SE-74 Theory Of Elastic Stability  2/ED Timoshenko
377 CE/SE-75 Theory Of Elasticity 3/ED Timoshenko
378 CE/SE-76 Engineering Mechanics Statics & Dynamics 14/ED Tayal
379 CE/SE-77 Geographic Information Systems 3/E Bernhardsen
380 CE/SE-78 Remote Sensing& Image Interpretation 6/ED Lillesand
381 CE/SE-79 Engineering Geology Parthasarathy
382 CE/SE-80 Engineering Optimization: Theory & Practice 4/E Rao
383 CE/SE-81 Fuzzy Logic With Engineering Applications 3/ED Ross
384 CE/SE-82 A Handbook On Civil Engineering Kumar
385 CE/SE-83 Fully Solved Multiple Choice Questions IES Gate MADE EASY
386 CE/SE-84 Ese 2015 Civil Engineering Objective-II MADE EASY
387 CE/SE-85 Ese 2015 Civil Engineering Objective-II MADE EASY
388 CE/SE-86 Rly Engg 2/ED Agarwal
389 CE/SE-87 Personality Development And Soft Skills Barun
390 CE/SE-88 Earthquake Resist Des Struct 2/E Dugg
391 CE/SE-89 Human Resource Development Mankin
392 CE/SE-90 Fluid Mechanics And Machinery Ojha
393 CE/SE-91 Concrete Technology Santhakumar
394 CE/SE-92 Design Of Reinforced Concrete Structures Subram
395 CE/SE-93 Fund Of Surveying & Leveling (Pt Edn) Subraman
396 CE/SE-94 Professional Ethics Surbamanian
397 CE/157 625.04 Principles of traffic &highway engineering Grabel.Hoel
398 CE/SE-95 Enginnering materials S.C.Rangwala
399 CE/SE-96 Building Materials &Construction Saurabh.Kumar sai
400 CE/150 Solids and Hazardous waste managment Dr.M.N.Rao & Dr.Razia sultane
401 CE/159 Engineering Mechanics&Station &Dyanamic Santas.Little
402 CE/160 Analysis of Structures on Electric Functions Edward Tsudik
403 CE/158 Finite elements methof principles of Denyl.L.logan
404 CE/156 Geo-Technical Engineering(5th edition) Braja.M.Das
405 CE/155 Air pollution R.K.Trivedi & P.K.Goel
406 CE/154 Environment Impact Assesment methodologies Y.Anjaneyulu & Valli.Manicleam
407 CE/151 Crisis Communication(4th edition) K.Feaeh.Banki
408 CE/153 Environment Impact Assesment methodologies Y.Anjaneyulu & Valli.Manicleam
409 CE/149 Environmental Science and Technology M.Anjii Reddy
410 CE/162 Engineering Hydrology Dr.P.Jayaram Reddy
411 CE/164 Transportation Engineering C.Jotin Kawsty & B.kent Lall
412 CE/165 Advanced Mechanics of Materials A.p.Boresi& R.J.Schmidt
413 CE/166 Theory and practice of waer and waste water treament Ronand.c &Droste
414 CE157/CCCE/CC-157-CC/ Ground Improvement Techniques Dr.P. Purushothana Rao
415 CE 158/CC Structural Analysis(volume-1) Dr.R.Vadiyanathen & Dr.P.Perumal
416 CE/159/CC Higher Surveying Dr.B.C.Punmia Ashok.k.Jain Arun.K.Jain
417 CE/160/CC Surveying(volume-1) Dr.B.C.Punmia
418 CE/SC-97 Engineering Materials S.C.Rangwala
419 CE/SC-98 Water Supply Engineering SK.Garg
420 CE/SC-99 Engineering mechanics of solids E.P.Popov
421 CE/SC-100 Engineering mechanics of solids E.P.Popov
422 CE/SC-101 Enginnering of structures V.N.Vazirani
423 CE/SC-102 Enginnering of structures V.N.Vazirani
424 CE/Sp-103 Building Survices Drawing S.Mahaboob Basha
425 CE/Sp-104 Building Survices Drawing Dr.L.Thimmaiah
426 CW/167 Repair and Rehabitation of Concrete Structures Poonam T.Modi Chirag.N.Patel
427 CE/168 Repair and Rehabitation of Concrete Structures Poonam T.Modi Chirag.N.Patel
428 CE/186 Water Supply and Pollution Control Warran Viessman JR
429 CE/185 Civil Enginnering Materials Shan Somayaji
430 CE/181 Sructural steel Design Jach.C.Maaveni
431 CE/182 Finite Element Analysis Saeed Maaveni
432 CE/184 Transportation Engineering & Planning C.S.Papecostas
433 CE/187 Highway,Railway,Airport Harbour Engineering K.P.Subramanian
434 CE/171 Surveying Arthur Bannister
435 CE/176 Prestressed Concrete Design Pravern Nagarajan
436 CE/170 Design of Steel Structures N.Subrahmanian
437 CE/175 Fluid Mechanice John.F.Danglas
438 CE/174 FoundationDesign(Principles & Practices) Danald.P.Codluto
439 CE/179 Construction Project Managment Kclmar Neeraj Jha
440 CE/177 Structural Analysis R.C.Hibberler
441 CE/183 Concrete Technology A.M.Necrille
442 CE/173 Construction Technology(volume-1) Roy Chudley
443 CE/180 Strength of Materials U.C.Jindal
444 CE/172 Environmental Studies Anindita Basale
445 CE/178 Remote Sensing of Environment John.R.Jensen
446 CE/169 Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures N.Subrahmanian
447 CE/190 Construction Technology Volume-4 Roy Chudley
448 CE/189 Construction Technology Volume-3 Roy Chudley
449 CE/188 Construction Technology Volume-2 Roy Chudley
450 CE/193 Design of Prestressed Concrete Structures T.Y.Lin
451 CE/195 Railway Enginnering M.M.Agarwel
452 CE/194 Earthquakes Resistant Design of Structures S.K.Duggal
453 CE/191 Structural Analysis-1 P.N. Chandramanhi
454 CE/192 Traffic & Highway Engineering Nicholas .J .Garber
455 CE/Sc-140 Engineering and General Geology Parbin Singh
456 CE/196 Laboratory Manual for Civil engineering H.S.Moondra
457 CE/197 Finite Element Methods R.Dhanaraj
458 CE/198 Earthquake resistant design of structures S.K.Duggal
459 CE/199 Design of steel structures N.Subramanian
460 CE/200 Fluid Mechanics and Machinery C.S.P.Ojha
461 CE/201 Strength of Materials 3rd.Edition R.Subramanian
462 CE/202 Design of Reinforced Concrete structures P.Dayaratnam
463 CE/203 Irrigation Engineering R.K.Sharma
464 CE/204 Soil Mechanics & Foundation engineering B.N.D.Narasinga Rao
465 CE/205 Soil Mechanics & Foundation engineering K.R.Arrora