Department of Physics

Department Profile

Established in the year 1981 starting with an Engineering Physics subject as a part of Science and Humanities for ľ B.Tech course with an intake of 120, the Department of Physics has grown into one of the important departments in Bapatla Engineering College, Bapatla offering not only Engineering Physics subject for first year B.Tech but also with M. Sc. (Physics) course. The Department of Physics has 13 faculty members including 5 doctorates with over 1000 First year B,Tech and 60 P.G students and 5 research scholars and supporting staff. The Physics Department has been recognized as a reputed centre for research by Achrya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, leading to M. Phil. and Ph.D degrees since 2004.

The Post-graduate course in Department of Physics began functioning from 2003 with commencement of M. Sc. (Physics) course with Condensed Matter Physics as specialized paper. The Department is well equipped with necessary facilities and resources for teaching, higher learning and research including Glass and ceramic preparation lab, Hall Effect and optical fiber and ultrasonicís experiments etc.

We are also committed to excellence in teaching and learning, we are a research-intensive department that believes in the importance of Learning, Teaching and Research (LTR), we have strong collaborations with other departments and institutes on campus and off campus for further strengthening of our programs.

The department of physics has own library with a good collection of books, journals and video lectures prepared by faculty through own DMS (Digital Media Systems) studio of our college.

Student Opportunities:

As a BEC, Bapatla physics student, you have many opportunities for employment. The department takes course completed students as Physics lecturers depending upon vacancies. Nearby corporate colleges and schools give priority to BEC, Bapatla physics students as laboratory instructor, Lecture demonstrators etc.

Laboratories available in the Department:

  • Engineering Physics Lab
  • Optics Lab
  • Solid State Physics Lab
  • Electronics Lab
  • Glass and Ceramic preparation lab