Department of Physics

Workshops & Seminars Attended

S.No. Name of the Faculty Workshop/Seminar Dates No.of Days Venue
1 Dr.Ch.Anjaneyulu Attended Summer Research Fellow(SRF) work of Indian Academy of Sciences, Benguluru, and worked under the guidance of Prof.B.S.Murty for a project entitled with “Soft magnetic properties of Fe-based Bulk Metallic Glasses containing Zr and Cu 3/5/2015
75 Department of Metallurgical and Materials engineering, IITM, Chennai
2 Dr.A.Ramesh Babu Trends & Applications of Liquid Crystals (NSLC-2015) 10/9/2015
2 A.C. College, Guntur
3 Dr.A.Ramesh Babu Emerging Trends in Physics Teaching and Training (ETPTT-2015) 7/8/2015
2 SVRM College, Nagaram
4 Dr.V.V.Hari Babu, L.Nageswara Rao, K.Suneetha, N.Sri Ram, Y.Chaitanya Optoelectronic Device Materials 20/6/2015 1 BCAS, Bapatla
5 Mr.Y.Chaitanya Nano technology 2014 1 VIVEKA School, Tenali
6 Mr.M.V.SambasivaRao, Dr.A.Ramesh Babu. Influence of Niobium Ions on Spectroscopic and Dielectric Properties of Lead Germanosilicate Glasses 11-to-13/12/2014 3 ANU, Guntur
7 Dr.Ch.Anjaneyulu Two week Refresher course of science Academies in experimental physics 27/5/2014
15 Govt college(A),Rajahmundry, A.P
8 Dr.K.RamaKrishna, Dr.V.V.Haribabu, Dr.V.Aruna, Dr.Ch.Anjaneyulu Mr.L.Nageswara Rao, K.Suneetha, , Mr.M.V.SambasivaRao, Dr.A.Ramesh Babu Mr.Y.Chaitanya Nano technology in chemical allied industries (NTCAI-2014) 7-to-8/03/2014 2 BEC, Bapatla
9 Dr.V.V.Hari Babu, Dr.Ch.Anjaneyulu Two week Refresher course of science Academies in experimental physics 4-to-19/9/2012 15 St.Xavier College Kolkata
10 Dr.A.Ramesh Babu Recent trends in Advanced materials 27/01/2012
2 C.R.Reddy College, Eluru
11 Mr.L.Nageswara Rao Mr.N.Sri Ram Characterization of Nano materials 27/4/2012 1 BEC, Bapatla
12 Mr.Y.Chaitanya Physics fest-2k12 28-2-2012 1 Guntur Engg. College, Guntur
13 Mr.L.Nageswara Rao The National workshop on Soft Materials 24-to-25/01/2012 2 JMJ College, Tenali
14 Mr.L.Nageswara Rao, Mr.N.Sri Ram super photo voitoics : fundamentals , technologies and applications 12-to-22/12/2011 10 V.R.Siddartha Engg. College, Vijayawada
15 Dr.Ch.Anjaneyulu DAE Symposium On Nuclear Physics (SNP-2011) 26/11/2011 to
5 Andhra University, Visakhapatnam
16 Mr.Y.Chaitnya PX lab10 8-9-10 1 Sri PottiSreeramulu Engg.College, Vijayawada
17 Dr.Ch.Anjaneyulu Emerging Technologies in environmental science 22-to-23/10/2010 2 V.R.S & Y.R.N. College, Chirala
18 Dr.Ch.Anjaneyulu Acquaintance program on research with accelerated ion beams 8/3/2010 1 Andhra University, Visakhapatnam